MH370 : Plane Debris found after 17 Months!

Malaysia Prime Minister has made an official announcement confirmed that Boeing 777 wreckage found on an Indian Ocean island came from missing Malaysia Airlines flight 370 after 17 months of its disappearance on 8 March 2014.

French prosecutor Serge Mackowiak confirmed the wing fragment, known as a flaperon, was from a Boeing 777 which is the model as the missing Malaysian airliner.


An international team of experts in France confirmed that aircraft debris found on Reunion Island in the Indian Ocean is from the plane, according to Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak.

_84574651_mh370_debris_simulation_624mapPhoto from BBC News

However there were no indication that the analysis of the debris yielded the cause of the disappearance.

You can read more details on : BBC & The Star


Most importantly, did the search area was correct to start with? Finding the debris isnt the end of this tragedy but renewed hopes to find out the mysterious disappearance of MH370 & the reason of crash.

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