St. Regis Singapore – Artisanal Lunar New Year Indulgences at Yan Ting

EVENT PERIOD: 11 Jan to 22 February 2016

Celebrate the coming Lunar New Year with fine Cantonese menus for joyous celebrations amongst family and friends, and distinctive gourmet gift hampers to honour business partners. Yan Ting’s Chinese Executive Chef Tony Wun Shun Kong has curated a delightful à la carte menu and set menus, as well as festive takeaways to usher in good tidings, abundance and prosperity.

Buddha Jumps Over the Wall

Indulge in Chef’s Wun’s masterful presentation of Buddha Jumps Over the Wall, an interesting spin of the traditional dish that transforms the soup delicacy into a braised delight. Featuring time-honoured indulgences like abalone, sea cucumber, fish maw, prosperity oyster and dried scallops, this mouthwatering dish makes a perfect starter to a distinctive gastronomic experience.

Braised Pork Knuckle with Black Moss

Other specialties this Lunar New Year includes Braised Pig’s Trotters with Fermented Bean Curd, marrying beautiful aromas with the tender and flavourful meat. The Stewed Pig’s Tongue and Prosperity Oyster with Black Moss in Brown Sauce is also another distinctive creation. Symbolising wealth and good luck, this indulgent dish is a combination of premium   ingredients dressed with delicious velvety sauce.

Fried Prawns with Golden Garlic

Another exceptional showcase is the Crispy Roasted Chicken, which is grilled to perfection with a glistening golden sheen of skin layered over the tender, juicy meat beneath. The Fried Prawns with Golden Garlic will be a popular choice amongst adults and children alike, as every bite is filled with the fragrance of fried garlic and crunchy texture of succulent prawns.

Gourmet Takeaways

Available from 11th January to 22nd February 2016, at Yan Ting (located at Level 1U)

Celebrate festive reunions in the comfort of homes or offices with Lunar New Year goodies and takeaway festive favourites.

Prosperity ‘Yu Sheng’ with Norwegian Salmon

Toss high and welcome the well wishes in the New Year with Yan Ting’s Prosperity
‘Yu Sheng’ with Norwegian Salmon, made with the freshest ingredients and each element precisely portioned to create a delightfully harmonious texture. This year, the signature Yu Sheng is further enhanced with a wider selection of fruits, including marinated papaya, sweet honeydew, luscious peach, juicy pomelo, refreshing snow pear, as well as dried orange peel.

Chinese New Year Pun Choy

A must-have timeless classic is the Chinese New Year Pun Choy, a lavish dish of fourteen divine treasures including premium abalones, dried oysters, sea cucumbers, fish maw and homemade dace fish ball, steeped in the juices of the tasty pork belly and meats.

Select from a medley of Yan Ting signature Chinese New Year Prosperity Cakes for a grand year of rich blessings, with creations like the Double Happiness Glutinous Rice Cake featuring a pair of rice cake in the shape of an elegant Koi fish, and the Abundant Fortune Glutinous Rice Cake, shaped like an exquisite gold bar.

Indulge in other popular Chinese New Year Prosperity Cake favourites like the Crystal Water Chestnut Cake, Treasure Taro Cake and Prosperity Radish Cake. Selection of traditional delights includes Homemade Pineapple Tarts, Oven-baked Walnut with Lotus Seed Paste and Deep-fried Candied Walnuts, as well as Yan Ting Signature XO Sauce and Chef’s Special Teochew-style Chilli Sauce, which are the ideal accompaniments for any home-cooked dishes.

Chinese New Year Harmony Hamper

Delight cherished family members and business associates with exquisite gift sets like the Yan Ting Chinese New Year Harmony Hamper, containing five assortments of traditional nibbles including Deep-fried Cashew Nuts and a jug of Yan Ting Signature XO Sauce, or the Yan Ting Chinese New Year Bountiful Hamper, enhanced with wind-dried sausages, dried scallops, a bottle of red wine and a pack of top-grade Pu Er Tea.

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