Okura Prestige Bangkok – New menu at Elements introduce French Cuisine with Japanese influences

Elements at The Okura Prestige Bangkok presents a new menu featuring French cuisine with Japanese influences. The menu is the creation of the hotel’s new Executive Chef Antony Scholtmeyer and is available at Elements from 1 February 2016.

Elements_Amuse bouche

Elements offers spectacular cuisine prepared in the dynamic setting of the restaurant’s open kitchen. Examples of dishes that feature Japanese ingredients and flavours include cucumber gazpzcho, smoked scallop, salmon roe, soba croutons (Baht 360++); foie gras and cocoa terrine, caramalised shitake, ume and brioche (Baht 490++); Australian wagyu beef tartare, creamy egg yolk, tomato, moromi miso and nori crostini (Baht 550++); scallops topped with foie gras, shimeji scented miso consommé (Baht 410++); cod steamed with nori, pearl barley braised with matcha, tomatoes and shaved mushrooms (Baht 790++); tuna tataki, ponzu jelly, avocado, ginger and baby shiso (Baht 390++); marinated tiger prawns with black daikon, prawn vinaigrette, cha soba and togarashi (Baht 370++); yuzu mango, jivara milk chocolate and yuzu gel (Baht 380++) and matcha green tea crèmeux black sesame, shiso jasmin rice ice cream (Baht 350++).

Elements_Wagyu Beef Tar-Tar, creamy egg yolk, tomato, moromi miso and nori crostini

The ‘Rossini’ menu includes scallops and foie gras with spinach purée in black truffle sauce (Baht 680++) and ‘Yakitori Rossini’ of Wagyu beef with foie gras in black truffle sauce (Baht 990++).

Elements_Yuzu mango, jivara milk chocolate, muscovado

Main courses available on the ‘Rossini’ menu include tuna medallion with foie gras, dried cranberries, buck wheat in black truffle sauce (Baht 1,200++); roast veal loin with pommes purée and foie gras in black truffle sauce (Baht 1,300++), and fillet of Wagyu beef with foie gras, potato waffle in black truffle sauce (Baht 1,900++).

Elements_Matcha Green Tea Cremeux, black sesame, shiso jasmin rice ice-cream

Dishes prepared on the charcoal grill – all served with potato purée, sautéed spinach and mushrooms – include salmon with nori butter and crispy ginger (Baht 750++); veal loin with sansho pepper (Baht 990++) and lamb chops with moromi miso butter and fried shallots (Baht 1,100++).

Elements is located on 25th floor of The Okura Prestige Bangkok. Open for dinner on Tuesday – Saturday from 6:00 pm – 10:30 pm.

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