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As living standard increases along with affordable air fares, traveling has become a norm. Our readers are not only traveling more frequently but also revisiting destinations.

They are actively looking for new experiences which include indulging in luxury hotels & gastronomy adventures.

Brief Intro of is based on our travel experiences and travel planning prior traveling.

Not only it allows us to note down all the information gathered for our travels but also allows us to share all the invaluable information to travelers.

We hope to simplify other travelers’ travel planning & further enhance their travel & holiday experiences.

Interested? Contact us :

Hotels interested to feature latest monthly activities, the investment will be annually USD749 hotel credit to be utilize in the hotel or USD499 cash only.

Feel free to write us for more info or to start sending us your hotel activities.

tommy882 (at) gmail (dot) com / +60 12 4113 117


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