Japan’s first chisoku themed modern ryokan opened in Kamakura

Kamakura, Japan, July 1st, 2019 In April Kishi-ke Co., Ltd. opened for reservations in the first modern ryokan in Kamakura. kishi-ke takes just one group up to 5 people at once which makes it one of the smallest ryokan-style lodgings in the World. More than an accommodation – the ocean-view private retreat is based on the concept of ‘stay & experience’ and the Zen’s chisoku which means ‘to know the feeling of being fulfilled with the now’. kishi-ke provides luxury settings, kaiseki cuisine, authentic masters, crafted masterpieces, local people and places for guests to encounter Japan in a new way and help them achieve the chisoku, the harmony in their life.

Japanese concepts such as wabi-sabi, shinrin-yoku, even Marie Kondo’s methods focus on harmony, accepting imperfectnesses, embracing the harshness of life. The need and importance of the harmony in nowadays Japan is seen in the name of the new era – Reiwa which means ‘beautiful harmony’. Nobuyuki Kishi, the CEO of kishi-ke Co., Ltd. says: “During my career I have met many stressed and burnout people. I’d started to think if there was a way to help them. Then I remembered the Zen concept I was taught by my late grandfather – the chisoku. The goal of kishi-ke is to help people through this concept to achieve inner harmony by mindfulness”. From the Buddhism shojin cuisine breakfast to various cultural workshops and experiences everything in kishi–ke is there to bring the guests closer to the feeling of chisoku.

“In everyday life, it is hard to focus on yourself, on your life, on the present. By changing the environment, you are able to focus on the now and notice new things about yourself. Chisoku is not only about the satisfaction itself but also it is about realization and accepting where you are in your life” – Shoshun Takai (the former head of the office of Kencho-ji temple – the oldest Zen training monastery in Japan) explains. 

What is special about kishi-ke:  

– Private retreat with luxury hotel amenities and services.

– Modern design mixed with traditional materials, nature and technology – the essence of Japan and kishi-ke.

– Designed by the architect Ryohei Tanaka (former member of Kengo Kuma & Associates) and the landscape architect Akihiko Ono.

– In a world where there are more and more ‘experiences for tourists’ kishi-ke provides various experiences conducted by the acclaimed masters. Experiences such as in-depth tea ceremonies (chado, senchado), katana practice, Buddhist cuisine, zazen meditation etc. are mindfulness practices leading to chisoku.

– The highest class hinoki bath, pottery, bowls, tools, antique vases, traditional decorations – everything is one of a kind and many things are made by the masters for kishi-ke. kishi-ke is a luxury home during the travel.

– The luxury is not just about money spent, it is more about how people feel, whether they can grasp the feeling of fulfillment with the moment, escape their everyday lives.

For more info & booking: kishi-ke

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