Macao Gastronomy Charms Kuala Lumpur

The Macao Government Tourism Office (MGTO) is set to bring a tantalising taste of the 2018 Macao Year of Gastronomy to Kuala Lumpur this September.

As part of the city’s new designation as a UNESCO Creative City of Gastronomy, plans tailored
to enhance the city’s cultural legacy through its gastronomy are being rolled out internationally
and locally. Initiatives outlined in a four-year plan will see exchange programmes with other
nations taking place in a bid to showcase Macao’s culinary heritage while learning from each

This September, Macao City of Gastronomy will showcase its culinary heritage at Samplings On
The Fourteenth Restaurant in Berjaya Times Square Hotel and at Taste MIGF, the preview event
of the Malaysia International Gastronomy Festival on 1st and 2nd September.

Macanese Flavours Flown in from Macao specially for the exchange, the MGTO will present Chef Sandra Niza Barros, a third generation chef born and raised in Macao. With a family history steeped in gastronomy and professional background in bakery and pastry, Chef Sandra is the owner of Café SAB 8 which offers Contemporary Macanese Cuisine.

Authenticity lies at the heart of Chef Sandra’s culinary values, preserving traditional Macanese
flavours passed down by her family with a modern twist. Her culinary repertoire is flush with
recipes handed down from her mother but presented in innovative ways.

Special Menu at Samplings

Together with Chef Valmurugan Subramaniam, Chef de Cuisine of Samplings On The Fourteenth
Restaurant in Berjaya Times Square Hotel, they will present a unique array of dishes for the dinner
at the Samplings On The Fourteenth Restaurant. A special menu comprising these dishes will be
available at the restaurant from September onwards. Don’t miss the chance to try out this unique

Macao Gastronomy at Taste MIGF 2018

Visitors to Taste MIGF will have the opportunity to take part in a Master Chef cooking
demonstration with Chef Sandra. She will be showing how to prepare Macanese Cuisine – Garlic
Shrimp and Portuguese Chicken. These informative sessions will take place from 1pm – 2:30pm
on both days of the gastronomic weekend.

Meanwhile, the Macao Suite at the LuxuryPlus Showcase will see a number of exciting activities
lined up over the two-day event. Chef Sandra’s Contemporary Macanese creations – Bacalhau
(salted codfish) tart, Orange Roll made with fresh orange juice and Bicho Bicho (a Macanese
cookie) – will be available at the Macao Suite.

At the same time, you can test your mettle on a Grand Prix simulator, running in conjunction with
celebrations for the 65th Macau Grand Prix this November. Celebrating Macao’s vibrant calendar
of events and festivals this December, the Macao Suite will also feature the Macao International
Marathon, Macao International Parade, 3rd International Film and Festivals Awards Macao, and
Macao Light Festival.

Important Dates:

1st & 2nd September (Saturday & Sunday)

12pm – 1pm: Food Tasting @ Macao Suite

1pm – 2:30pm: Master Chef Cooking Demonstration by Chef Sandra

5pm – 6pm: Food Tasting @ Macao Suite

Make your way to Taste MIGF on 1st and 2nd September to experience a gastronomic awakening
and the taste of Macao!

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