Pullman Bangkok Hotel G – Gérard Poulard The Cheese Master is Back at Scarlett!

From 15th – 20th May 2017, France’s official Cheese Ambassador to the world, Gérard Poulard, returns once again to Scarlett Wine Bar & Restaurant on the 37th floor of Pullman Bangkok Hotel G.

Back with love and loads of cheese, Gerard will be presenting his 2017 Collection of Fromages de France, with over 80 varieties of French artisan cheese from the best boutique producers — and available only at Scarlett!

Since 1999, Gérard Poulard has been an internationally renowned expert of fine cheeses and he is in demand at gourmet dining restaurants in more than 22 countries around the world. In collaboration with his son, Olivier, he has received an increasing list of prestigious awards for his knowledge of France’s most delectable exports, including The Order of Agricultural Merit, Le Cordon Bleu France, and the Prosper Montagné from Quality House.

For more than two decades, the Cheese Master has travelled throughout the French countryside discovering the fascinating history and culture of cheese. In fact, his knowledge about the farms of France is so extensive that sometimes he even knows the name of the goat or cow from which the milk has been drawn.

Behind the cheeseboard, Gérard Poulard impresses all who meet him, speaking about the unique flavours of various cheeses with passion and an incredible depth of knowledge. While a guest looks at the cheeseboard, he carefully asks about their taste preferences, ultimately selecting the perfect cheese for each guest.

Visit Scarlett Wine Bar & Restaurant and meet the Cheese Master himself. Gérard Poulard will be in residence at the chic rooftop venue from 15th – 20th May to showcase a wide range of top quality French cheeses to enjoy with breads, cold cuts, wines, fruits and teas. A highlight this year will be a selection of cow’s milk cheeses including Brie aux Truffes, Beaufort été AOP, Saint-Nectaire Fermier, Pelardon Fer Mounier AOC, Camembert Jort, and more.

The Cheese Master’s presence is supported by Thai Airways.

Scarlett Wine Bar & Restaurant is open daily from 6pm – 1am. For reservations, please call 02 352 4000, 096 860 7990, email scarlettbkk@randblanb.com or visit our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/Scarlettwinebarbangkok.

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