Pullman Saigon Centre – May 2017 Promotions

Lobster is often known to be one of the “luxury” dishes from the sea with a rich amount of nutrition and taste.

At Urbane Lounge, the burger bar turns it around and creates a savory Lobster Monster. Executive chef Matthias piles up happiness in a burger starting with the soft and sweet brioche buns, crunchy lobster tempura topped with Cajun salsa, apple slaw and ends with rocket salad. The texture and aroma literally melt together perfectly in every bite.

This is the ONLY burger guests need to try this month, for VND555,000net and  VND655,000net for unlimited flow of fries with one craft beer or soft drink.

1 Meter Nachos Challenge Board At Urbane Lounge

Nacho is one of the iconic of the exotic land of Mexico, made from a special kind of corn called Nixtama Ized. The dish can be created quickly to serve as a fast food or can be prepared with many topping ingredients to serve as a main dish in Mexican’s family.

This May at Urbane Lounge, the Burger Bar initiates a whole new definition of challenge: to finish 1meter long of Nachos consistent of 250gm Nachos, 400gm of Chili Con Carne, 200gm of Cheddar cheese and 250gm of tomatoes and red shallots on a cut board in 15 minutes. The challenge taker and winner will be the next champion in Burger Bar’s Hall of Fame and receive the delicious prize of free Burger voucher for the WHOLE year! The price of the challenge is VND699,000net (include one drinks) and completely free if finished within 15 minutes.

For the best preparation of the challenge, please call (08) 3838 8686-1900 twenty minutes in advance.

The Lobster Feast At Cobalt Wine Bar & Restaurant

Cobalt Wine Bar & Restaurant is located on the 30th floor with over 100 indoor seats and windswept outdoor space. Surrounded with panoramic city views, it is the perfect place for intimate conversation. The bar area with modern design and open kitchen counters, cozy vibe that creates a special culinary experience for after-work gatherings.

Canadian lobster will be available at Cobalt with the top 3 cooking methods for diners from May 8th. Don’t miss the chance to enjoy savory lobster with extremely favorable price of VND 1,250,000 / dish (no tax). Diners can choose according to their preferences from charcoal grilled, oven baked or steamed served with mixed vegetables.

To make the night fulfilled, the restaurant also prepare a special white wine selection to match perfectly with the savor of the lobster. Price is from 150,000 net per glass and 700,000net per bottle.

Flavours Of Asia Buffet Tour At Food Connexion

Never stopping to surprise guests, Food ConneXion is celebrating the culinary heritage of Asia in May. Selected dishes are included in the buffet menu with the desire to bring guests the most authentic Asian food experience.

Come to Food ConneXion for food tours across Japan, Thailand, China, Korea on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays and Fridays. Guests can enjoy from spicy Korean soups, fresh sushi in Japan, to famous dimsum of China and the signature Pad Thai. Our dedicated chefs will serve at the rolls bar and special dishes made by the day will bring a surprise to you.

All will bring you an unforgettable night at Food ConneXion for just VND 999,000 ++ per person.

Meet the need to enjoy the various and fresh seafood of Saigon’s diners, every Wednesday and Saturday, Food ConneXion will bring a special seafood night with a variety of seafood from different area of Vietnam, ensuring the freshness of each dish. Guests can choose different method of cooking, such as grilling, steaming or baking for their own taste buds.

The price is VND1,111,000++ per person which comes along with a whole Boston lobster cooked per demand.

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