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December is a time for joyous feastings and gatherings! Let Wan Hao Chinese Restaurant set the perfect scene for jubilant gatherings as you and your loved ones savour some of the most flavourful Irish Duck creations. These à la carte specialties showcase the winning combination of expert culinary techniques and specially-handpicked ingredients that elevate the rich flavours of Irish Duck.

Renowned as the “Wagyu of Ducks”, what makes the Irish Duck more fragrant, juicy, tender and flavourful? Originating from Ireland’s famed Silver Hill farm, the Irish Duck do not have a gamey smell, and are more succulent, as they are fed a grain-based diet consisting solely of soy beans and wheat, and raised in a calm, climate-controlled environment with soft background music that allows their muscles to relax before they are slaughtered. That’s not all, Irish Duck has a higher fat content. The fat helps to moisturise the duck when roasting at a high temperature – resulting in uber-juicy, lip-smacking meat. The fat eventually melts away when the duck is ready to serve.

Irish Duck Delicacies

Wan Hao Chinese Restaurant

4 to 30 December 2018

À la carte specialties from $28.00++

In the spotlight are six Irish Duck delicacies comprising of Irish Roast Duck with Chinese Crêpe (爱尔兰片皮鸭) ($65++ for half, $128++ for whole); Braised Irish Duck with Premium Dried Orange Peel & Sea Cucumber (果皮海参焖爱尔兰鸭) ($68++ per portion); Irish Roast Duck Marinated in Black Garlic (黑金蒜明火爱尔兰鸭) ($39++ per portion); Braised Irish Duck with Herb & Spice in Garlic Vinegar Plum Sauce (菜园咸水爱尔兰鸭) ($39++ per portion); Deep-fried Irish Duck in Kumquat Sauce (金橘香酥鸭) ($39++ per portion); and Pan-fried Duck Drumstick in Garlic Sauce (蒜茸香煎鸭腿) ($28++ per portion).

The Deep-fried Irish Duck in Kumquat Sauce is a treat for the taste buds as well as the eyes. Juicy, fragrant Irish Duck meat is paired with fresh, tangy kumquat sauce that is made in-house daily – boasting a medley of flavours and textures. Would you be able to resist thick slices of luxuriously tender meat, crowned with glorious slivers of skin deep-fried to a perfect crisp, and juxtaposed with piquant, citrusy sauce and mandarin orange slices.
Another chef d’oeuvre is the Braised Irish Duck with Premium Dried Orange Peel & Sea Cucumber in Claypot. The premium duck meat is braised for two and a half hours, resulting in a fork-tender texture. This beautifully cooked meat is then deboned and served with dried orange peel that lends a pleasing, sweet-savoury dimension, as well as fleshy sea cucumber.

Relish in Pan-fried Irish Duck Drumstick in Garlic Sauce – a chef’s creation combining Oriental and Western culinary styles. This dish, utilising the quintessentially French method of confit, boasts duck leg that is marinated overnight with garlic and a secret herb mixture, before being slow-cooked for three hours and seared to perfection. The result is a mouth-watering drumstick with golden brown crispy skin, encasing ultra-moist duck meat that you will not be able to resist!

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