Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel – New Cantonese Masterpieces with a Modern Twist and Playful Pairings

From 31 July, award-winning Wan Hao Chinese Restaurant will pique the appetites of traditionalists and contemporary gourmands with a scintillating collection of new, refined Cantonese delights that present fresh, imaginative and unexpected interpretations. From dim sums and soups to meats and seafood, each dish, specially curated by Executive Chinese Chef Brian Wong is composed of a complex interplay of premium ingredients and different elements to form an irresistible masterpiece. Think unique Cantonese delicacies that boast influences and ingredients from East and West; think deliciously sophisticated dishes with a balanced composition of elegant textures and delicate flavours; think an extensive selection of novel creations, on top of its famed Cantonese classics.

Relishing the creative process of experimenting with eastern and western ingredients to deliver unique experiences, Chef Brian commented: “My aim is to use the freshest, premium grade ingredients with diverse cooking techniques and influences to present innovative dishes that will evoke memories and a sense of familiarity yet exotic at the same time. Today’s diners are more discerning with preference for Cantonese perennial favourites on some days and fusion epicurean delights on other days. That is why Wan Hao Chinese Restaurant is revamping our menu to offer the best of both worlds – an ensemble of evergreen dishes together with modern interpretations.”

New delicate dim sum creations (available for lunch) that are bound to be conversations starters include Steamed Scallop & Morel Mushroom Dumpling 羊肚菌带子饺 ($5++ for two pieces); Steamed Shrimp Roll with Tobiko & Oyster Sauce 蚝皇虾苗鲜竹卷 ($5++ for two pieces); Steamed Charcoal Bun with Salted Egg Custard 竹碳黄金流沙包 ($4.50++ for two pieces); Deep-fried Prawn Dumpling with Lychee & Special Mayonnaise 荔枝明虾饺 ($5.50++ for two pieces), and more.

Appetisers that will awaken your palate comprise of Beef Shin with Five Spices & XO Sauce 极品酱牛展 ($18++ per portion); Crispy Fish Skin with Chicken Floss & Spices 风味肉松脆鱼皮 ($15++ per portion); Deep-fried Beancurd with Black Truffle Mayonnaise 金砖豆腐伴黑菌沙律酱 ($15++ per portion); Chilled Duck Wing Marinated with Chinese Rose Wine 玫瑰蜜卤鸭翅 ($12++ per portion).

Noteworthy à la carte highlights encompass of Double-boiled Cordyceps Flower Consommé with Lobster & Egg White 龙虾虫草花芙蓉清鸡汤 ($32++ per person); Fresh Milk Stir-fried Scallop with Mango, Egg White, Shrimp Roe & Broccoli香芒玉带炒鲜奶 (Small: $36++, Medium: $54++,Large: $72++); Stir-fried Garoupa Fillet & Celery with White Pepper Sauce石斑片西芹白胡椒酱(Small: $42++, Medium: $63++, Large: $84++); Braised Beef Short-rib with Chinese Spices酱香焖牛肋骨 (Small: $36++, Medium: $54++, Large: $72++); Braised Lobster with Assorted Seafood, Fresh Mushroom, Tomato & Rice龙虾生滚丝苗 ($22++ per 100g), and more.

Double-boiled soups, which are an integral part of the Cantonese dining culture, often form the first impressions to stellar dining experiences. With this in mind, Wan Hao Chinese Restaurant invites diners to kick-start their gastronomic journey with the nourishing Double-boiled Cordyceps Flower Consommé with Lobster & Egg White. A modern take on the traditional double-boiled chicken soup, this creation boasts premium ingredients such as cordyceps, lobster and egg white which lend exceptional flavours to a classic dish. In particular, the base of the soup comprising of Chinese ham, old fowl, chicken feet, pork loin and conpoy are boiled for six hours to enable the nutrients of these ingredients to seep into the soup- resulting in a broth that is intensely rich and flavoursome. Add egg white, which is an excellent source of protein, as well as chunks of sweet lobster meat, boil it once again, and the taste of this cuisine is elevated to new heights. A popular tonic in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Cordyceps is a nutritional powerhouse that features a myriad of health benefits that include improving respiratory health and immune system.

A light but tasty dish, the Fresh Milk Stir-fried Scallop with Mango, Egg White, Shrimp Roe & Broccoli is a contemporary take on the traditional crab meat with egg white. Adding a Western touch to this delicacy, crab meat is replaced with succulent scallop that exudes fresh, sweet umami flavour. Mango, not commonly seen in a savoury dish is added for a refreshing taste. This simple yet delicate dish presents the perfect balance of sweet and savoury flavours.

The traditional black pepper sauce takes a back seat with our Stir-fried Garoupa Fillet & Celery with White Pepper Sauce. White pepper sauce is commonly used for crabs. However, how about soft, tender garoupa fillet doused with luscious, creamy white pepper sauce for a piquant kick? Each mouthful provides a robust, fiery kick for those who can take the heat.

Another noteworthy highlight is the Braised Beef Short-rib with Chinese Spices. A perfect blend of East meets West, tender Beef Short-ribs commonly found in Western cuisines is combined with Chinese Spices to create a fusion dish. Slow cooked for four hours with a mixture of Chinese spices that include star anise, cinnamon, bay leaf, bean sauce and fermented bean curd sauce, the juicy short-ribs are tender and flavourful, delivering a satisfying sensation with every bite.

Indulge in multifarious flavours of the sea with the Braised Lobster with Assorted Seafood, Fresh Mushroom, Tomato & Rice – a surprising combination that emphasises the freshness of the crustacean and the harmonious blend of different textures. An Asian rendition of the lobster bisque, this delicacy is served with a tasty broth that is slow cooked for three hours using the shells of prawns, whole crab and lobster combined with chicken stock base comprising of old fowl and chicken feet. Rice of dual textures (part crispy, part steamed) is injected into this delicate creation – teasing the taste buds with an interplay of different textures. Bursting with an alchemy of rich and savoury flavours, complete with the supple, chunky flesh of the lobster that packs a punch, this mouthwatering dish is one not to be missed.

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