Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel – The Glendronach Whisky Dinner At Wan Hao Chinese Restaurant

It can get rather frustrating to find the right pairing of premium whisky with food, so that neither the whisky nor food dominates or overwhelms the flavors of the other. With an exciting cultural and culinary shift towards drinking stronger spirit, in particular whisky, Wan Hao Chinese Restaurant is defying traditional norms and entering into an unexpected but exciting territory with a unique Whisky Dinner that immaculately pairs Cantonese cuisine with prized whisky.

5- Course Glendronach Whisky Dinner

Date: Thursday, 20 June 2019

Time: 7pm

Price: $138++ per person

Whiskies come with a variety of flavours, from the light and fruity to the rich and smoky. In particular, the prized GlenDronach is known for its amazing sherry bomb, oak, sweet, creamy vanilla flavour and unique smoky taste that makes it hard for whisky lovers to resist.

With this in mind and taking note of the affinity that ingredients have with each other, Wan Hao Chinese Restaurant’s Executive Chinese Chef Brian Wong has curated a 5-course Whisky menu that presents the best treasures of land and sea, as well as a mind and taste-boggling experience. This menu highlights not only the best aspects of both Cantonese cuisine and Scotch whisky, it also demonstrates the versatility of Cantonese cuisine, a combination of various cooking styles within each dish, as well as the idea of innovation.

The dinner starts off with the light courses and moves on to the heavier dishes, in harmony with the whiskies being served.

Other highlights to look forward to include:

  • Braised Morel Mushroom in Irish Duck Superior Stock with Pan-fried Irish Duck Dumpling, paired with GlenDronach Original 12 Years
  • Black Garlic Beef Tenderloin Puff and Braised Beef Cheeks with Sa-cha Sauce, paired with GlenDronach Original 18 Years
  • Wok-fried Rice with Sea Urchin & Lobster in Mini Pumpkin with Crispy Lobster wrapped in Pork Lard Net & Sea Urchin Sauce, paired with GlenDronach Original 21 Years

For reservations, please visit or call 6831 4605.

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